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What is Christian Art Journaling or faith journaling?

It is a process of creating a journal in which art and words combine to express your faith. It's about self-expression, about your understanding of the Word, how it applies to your life and using those life changing words, thoughts and faith to create a journal. Faith journaling is the ability to capture life's lessons that HE teaches us, a way to remember God's faithfulness and presence in our daily lives; it is a witnessing tool, and incredible permanent reminder of our God moments and His hand in our lives!

A faith art journal is a visual journal or diary, rather than a traditional diary or journal filled only with words. It’s a place where you give physical form to your thoughts, expectations and dreams, realities and events, everyday events and exceptional occasions. While an art journal can/does include memories, it’s not limited to these; it’s also about personal reflections, philosophies or observations. It’s for all sides of yourself, from expressing the childlike aspects of yourself that “responsible adults” may scorn, to your darkest side and secrets. It’s for when you’re at home and when you’re traveling.

What is in a faith art journal?

A faith art journal is scripture, thoughts, prayers, blessings, memories, and letters, combined with pictures and drawings to create a book you will return to many times in prayer, for encouragement, to feel HIS presence, to understand, to celebrate, to reflect and to feel the joy in worship! Your faith journal will be a way to remember the memorable times God has intervened, reached out, challenged and changed your life.

Whether you create the art or visuals in response to something you want to journal, or whether you use art as a starting point, doesn’t matter. Anything and everything goes: painting, drawing, pen and ink, doodling, stamping, photos, and collage.

So what is the difference between faith journaling and scrapbooking?

An art journal is somewhere to save ideas, while a scrapbook is somewhere to save memories. A scrapbook is the intended end result, whereas an art journal is just a step on the path of creation. An art journal is a time capsule of your creativity and faith walk.

Why try this?

  • It is therapeutic.
  • There is no intimidation - there is no one to please, serve or accommodate
  • It is an honest reflection of our true self
  • It is portable
  • It is a place to pour out your emotions, fears, joy, etc
  • You can record and reflect on the past,
  • You can create a lesson book for the future
  • Your faithjournal can be a mirror for facing trials with courage
  • It is a safe shelter for the most vulnerable feelings
  • A journal can help decipher the cryptic and unfamiliar. It can be a translator for you.
  • It is a dependable companion and an able guide in the foreign places God takes you to.

What is a healing journal?

A journal can be a safe space to explore and push beyond difficult or challenging experiences to places of newfound wisdom, peace, comfort, joy, health and healing. A healing journal happens when you examine your feelings, pain (emotional and physical) and spiritual state to understand its effect in your life. The Holy Spirit, the Helper, will assist you (John 16:8, 13-14) to face your issues. Then He will comfort you, teach you and guide you into all truth so that your sorrow may be turned into everlasting joy (John 14:16, 26). (Romans 12:1-2, II Corinthians 5:9, Colossians 3:1-17).

How do you create a faith art journal?

You interpret your memories, feelings, and struggles through the colors you choose, the mood or tone you set, the journal format and your personal style. Playing with supplies, paint, color, technique and embellishments is like going back to grade school and messing with finger paints and clay. This is the time to experiment, to let go of that censor in you that says that you are not creative, you don’t know how to paint, you don’t know how to make a journal, or that you can’t write! For specific instructions and a suggested supply list go to the techniques page.

This slide show demonstrates a Beth Moore bible study "Jesus the One and Only." I created a faith art journal page for each day of the study. I learned so much in the study and was able to encapsulate the message into pictures, colors and words.



Don't Obsess About What You Put in Your Art Journal (or Don't)

Always remember, it's your art journal, you can do whatever you like with it, and you never have to show anyone if you don't wish to. There's no right or wrong way of doing it. The balance of words to images depends on how you feel at that moment. How much or how little you do, whether you do it every day or every other day, that's your choice.

If you've bought a bound journal and find the thought of starting at the first blank page too intimidating, start in the middle. Resist tearing out and destroying any page you think doesn't work immediately; leave it for reworking on a rainy day. If you worry you haven't the time to finish a page, just do part. Life has ups and downs, so why shouldn't your journal reflect this?

Take some time to create art that is soulful and meaningful to you and your life. Every page you create will tell a story about your struggles and triumphs.

Let go, have fun and find truth!